I Will Love You If You Let Me [Deluxe Digital Single]

by Mark Scudder

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BONUS ITEMS: The Deluxe Digital Single includes a single edit of "Occupied" and the original 2010 demo of "I Will Love You If You Let Me," recorded the day it was written! You'll also get a PDF booklet with credits and lyrics. You won't find these extras on iTunes, Amazon, or anywhere else.

The first single from Mark's forthcoming album, "The Solution is the Problem," provides a fresh perspective on relationships, both online and off. One of many musicians ignored by conservative activists claiming they need friends in the arts to take back the culture, Mark's powerful, professionally self-produced music speaks to the essence of relationships in a social media world. "I've got all this stuff I'm really proud of, and I'm hearing and seeing all this stuff about how conservatives need music and art to take back the culture, and we're right here - a bunch of us, in fact, ready to go. But we found out they were just talking about their buddies who make patriotic songs. Cliques and exclusive clubs are what liberals do. We need to be better."

Without any support from new or traditional media, Mark is forging ahead, taking his message to whoever is tolerant enough to listen. Not a fan of praise music, parodies, or trite patriotism, Mark writes from the heart about emotions and experiences, and just happens to be a political conservative. "It doesn't drive all of my songwriting. I think you need to write about anything and everything that moves you, regardless of whether it fits in someone else's pigeonhole of what you should be."

"I Will Love You If You Let Me" and "Occupied" will appear on Mark's forthcoming album, "The Solution is the Problem," available here and wherever digital music is sold, September 18th.

Mark is a completely independent singer/songwriter - a small businessman, if you will. He needs not only your business but your recommendations to your friends. From Columbia Records to Chris Loesch, there is no one backing this project. You can be sure your support comes right back to Mark, so he can continue doing what he does best - powerful, emotional, relevant music with a sound that rivals professional studios, from the comfort of his home studio.

You can visit Mark's website at www.markscudder.com. You can follow him on Twitter @mark_scudder. Or you can friend him on Facebook at facebook.com/markdavidscudder.

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released August 14, 2012



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