Her God (Extended Digital Single)

by Mark Scudder

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Mark Scudder's new single, "Her God," is inspired by Mark's personal struggles to find his faith in a world that seemed to offer only two choices: blind devotion or trendy rejection. Mark chose neither, and this moving piece of music is a product of his process. "I was raised Catholic - practically everyone I knew was raised Catholic," Mark says in an interview posted on YouTube before the release (www.youtube.com/markscudder). "There was something about the generation that raised my generation... you raised your kids Catholic, which is commendable, but there was no experiencing the religion for my generation, it was just 'do this, do this.'" Mark started to leave the faith as an adult but was disgusted by how other people rejected it. "A lot of people took their childhood experiences with religion, Christianity specifically, and they said, 'I was made to do this and I'm going to rebel against my parents, so I'm not going to do this anymore.' I figured it was worthy of my research and my respect, at least until I figured out what I wanted, and how to make it my faith, and my God, so to speak."

Mark's first few releases were instrumental, atmospheric soundscapes, primarily created with electric guitar. His 2004 release, "Don't Wait," chronicled his emotions surrounding September 11, 2001 and the loss of a friend in the World Trade Center. His 2010 release, "This Is All I've Got Right Now," showcased his singer/songwriter side while performing in South Carolina's Lowcountry. October 2010's "Free" was a self-described "conservative protest song" released to coincide with the 2010 elections.

While "Her God" deals with Christian themes, Mark points out he is not a Christian artist. "If you hear this thinking that my entire catalog is focused solely on one subject, you will be very disappointed," he says. "I am a conservative, I do believe in God, I have struggled with the faith, but I write about everything I feel and everything I experience."

"Her God" was recorded in Mark's home studio yet has a large professional sound with deep, moving atmosphere underneath its acoustic singer/songwriter-style foundation. "Her God" will be available Thursday, May 26, 2011 at Mark's website, www.markscudder.com.


released May 26, 2011

Tracks 1, 2: Recorded, performed, and produced by Mark Scudder. Track 3 appears on "This Is All I’ve Got Right Now." Track 5 represents a 2005 work-in-progress mix with a temporary vocal track, from the lost "Solution is the Problem" sessions. Track 6 recorded June 30, 2010 at The Brick Oven Café, Hilton Head Island, SC; engineered by Michael Taylor. Thank you: Michael Taylor, Michael Wilson, David Nezelek, John Brodigan, Rebecca O’Brien. Cover photo: Heidi van der Westhuizen. Candle photo: Alfred Borchard. Photo of Mark: Casey Coolbaugh. Art direction and layout by Mark Scudder Digital Design. All selections copyright © 2011 Mark D. Scudder and published by Nobody Likes My Music (BMI). Unauthorized duplication is a violation of federal law.




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